Things I didn’t tweet you during our team’s daylong strategic retreat

  • “You up?”
  • “1/2 Interesting puzzle would be can you comprehend the presentation slides if you replace ‘brand’ with ‘Brad’ and flash”
  • “2/2 … subliminal stills of Brad Pitt shirtless in Thelma and Louise.”
  • Quote attributed to Proust that’s really Pitbull paraphrased
  • “wine (red), papaya, two baguettes, shaving cream, whatever else you think we need”
  • A question about how your departmental budget works over there
  • Cartoon Ann Telnaes tweeted earlier, RT’d with #hrmph
  • Photo of tone-on-tone leaf pattern in the carpet, run through an Instagram black-and-white filter with hashtag #bored
  • “We’re at lunch. Is it bad to order the coconut shrimp? Will that draw attention?”
  • “We’re curling. Seriously.” W/photo
  • A cry for help


Exhausted. Exhausting day. Exhausting evening. Wiped out. Depleted.

Connect the dots

One minute, I’m writing about a survey of CEOs on staffing problems. The next, trying to identify an early Christian martyr who, when tortured, felt no pain for a lead-in to a story about a professor’s forthcoming book with the delicious title Divine Analgesia.